What Halloween and Prop 1 have in Common

Local transportation costumes - Halloween and Prop 1


Halloween reminds us why we need Prop 1. Our pedestrian walkways may not be our ordinary means of travel, but during Halloween when our neighborhood has poor sidewalks, trick-or-treating can become less than a walk in the park.

Prop 1 is a modest investment to ensure that we preserve the things we rely on during Halloween and during the other 364 days a year. Prop 1 is an investment for our kids not just in the repairing of sidewalks, and roads today; but, ensuring we maintain our local transportation systems for tomorrow.

We may encounter some spooky things during Halloween, but what’s scarier is our local transportation funding shortfalls. Sidewalk improvements are often left at the bottom of the your community’s to do list; but, with Prop 1 local municipalities can address your neighborhood’s needs.

When we are outside of our cars we may better understand the need to invest in our roads. Americans will spend over $77 per person on Halloween—Prop 1 is less than $40 a year.

Halloween is just another example of where  Prop 1 fits into our communities. A vote YES for Prop 1 is a vote for safe neighborhoods with better sidewalks and roads so all trick-or-treaters have a happy and safe Halloween.


Local road maintenance - Halloween and Prop 1
Good thing she’s fluorescent. Take time to look for children at intersections, medians, and curbs because some of our neighborhoods don’t have them.


Traffic lights signals and pedestrian safety - Halloween and Prop 1
Out trick-or-treating this Saturday evening? Obey traffic signals.


Bike lanes bike paths and bicycle safety on local roads - Halloween and Prop 1
Share the roads with everyone this Halloween.


Pedestrian safety crossing guards sidewalks and local roads - Halloween and Prop 1
If you don’t have a crossing guard this Halloween: Look left, right and left again when crossing streets.


Local roads potholes road work and maintenance - Halloween and Prop 1
Help your family map out a safe route for trick-or-treating this Halloween.