Voters Stand Up for Local Transportation


We’re pleased with the success of Prop 1 in Carbon, Davis, Duchesne, Grand, Rich, San Juan, Sanpete, Sevier, Tooele and Weber Counties.  However, we are disappointed that residents in Beaver, Box Elder, Juab, Morgan, Uintah and Utah Counties will not benefit from the transportation improvements provided by Prop 1. We’re awaiting official election results from Salt Lake County, which were too close to call on Election Night. The County Clerk plans to release results on November 17.

The support shown for Prop 1 will  pay dividends in the future, not only for the economy of our state, but also for the Utahns who depend on reliable, well-maintained infrastructure.

We are confident that Prop 1 funds will provide communities with relevant, noticeable improvements close to home. We fully expect that government agencies and local governments will  be transparent in the use of Prop 1 funds.

For counties that voted in favor, Prop 1 will reach close to home with the transportation options we use and rely on the most. It will address that perpetual pothole on your local street, finish the sidewalk between your house and your children’s school, or add to transit, trails and bike paths so you have more transportation choices.

Prop 1 is a great step forward for Utah because it’s the first-ever proposal to provide funding for all kinds of transportation—not just roads, but also sidewalks, bike paths, trails, and other options.

Even with such positive outcomes we know our work is not done. The future of Utah’s transportation system is not a sprint, but instead a marathon. We will continue to focus on the priority of an efficient well-rounded transportation system.

We will continue to advocate for transportation alongside the hundreds of businesses, city councils and mayors, chambers of commerce and other partners throughout Utah who share our vision for sustainable transportation.

We thank Utahns for recognizing the need for additional local transportation investment with  their support for Prop 1.