H.B. 362— The Bill Behind the Ballot

What H.B. 362, The Bill Behind the Ballot, does:

HB 362 Transportation Infrastructure Funding passed during the 2015 Legislature. The bill raised the state gas tax approximately 5 cents for the first time since 1997. Seventy percent of this adjustment goes to UDOT for statewide infrastructure investments (freeways, highways and bridges) the remaining 30% is allocated to local entities.

This new revenue is expected to generate $6 million for Salt Lake County, but as it stands Salt Lake County has a $135 million transportation funding shortfall. Similarly, Weber County faces a $14 million shortfall and the additional gas tax revenues will only contribute $1.5 million in additional transportation funding.

Our elected representatives understood that the local level of transportation funding had to be addressed. But this portion of the bill is up to voters. H.B. 362 provided the local option sales tax ballot measure, putting local officials and voters in charge of their community’s transportation needs.

Proposition 1 Utah - 2015 Ballot - Utah Neighborhood, The Bill Behind the Ballot

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