• Prop 1 for Maintaining Streets

    Proposition 1 Utah - 2015 Ballot - Utah Neighborhood
  • Prop 1 for More Sidewalks

    Proposition 1 Utah - 2015 Ballot - Better Sidewalks
  • Prop 1 for More Bike Paths

    Proposition 1 Utah - 2015 Ballot - Better Bike Paths

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Increased funding for transit can lead to improved air quality and quality of life.

Funding for regular maintenance protects our investment in infrastructure.

Traffic congestion costs Utahns millions in time, money, wasted fuel and emissions.

Cities and counties get only 1/3 to 1⁄2 funding needed for transportation from the state.

Utah’s vehicle miles traveled will increase 80% by 2040.

More funding means more trails, sidewalks and maintenance in your local community.

Utah’s population will double by 2040, meaning twice as many people getting around.

Adequate funding will reduce total hours of traffic delay by more than half.

Roads in disrepair cost Utah drivers $600+ annually in added fuel use, tire wear and extra car maintenance.

Don't forget to vote yes for Prop 1 at the polls on Nov. 3.

Utahns want more buses in more places more often. Voting for Prop 1 will help us get closer to the transit system residents want and need.

Utahns want more transportation options like bike lanes, multi-use trails and more transit service.

Utahns want a safe route for their kids to get to school.

Utahns want their cities to invest in sidewalks, street repairs and recreation assets.

Vote by mail. Postmark your mail-in ballot by Nov. 2.

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This is why I’m voting YES on Prop 1 - check the app to find out how your city would benefit: http://www.prop1utah.com #Prop1Utah

Learn what Prop 1 is all about and why I’m voting YES http://www.prop1utah.com #Prop1Utah

Have a question about Prop 1? Campaign supporters are taking questions here: http://www.prop1utah.com #Prop1Utah

Streets in good repair save drivers money in fuel use, tire wear and car maintenance. Vote YES on #Prop1Utah!

$1 invested in road maintenance today saves up to $25 in costly future work. Vote YES on #Prop1Utah!

Good transportation has a huge impact on jobs and access to businesses. A YES vote for Prop 1 is a vote for your local economy. #Prop1Utah

Utah is growing. Vote YES on Prop 1 to preserve the things you value most about life in Utah and help your community keep up with growth. #Prop1Utah

Prop 1 would make sidewalks, bike paths and transit more usable for more people. Vote YES on Prop 1 for more transportation choices. #Prop1Utah

Good local roads mean less time sitting in traffic and more time to do what you want to do. Vote YES on #Prop1Utah for more free time!

Prop 1 would improve public transit, meaning better traffic from 2.3 million car trips saved annually. Vote YES for #Prop1Utah!

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